Lingzhi- the Mekong girl is in love with!

From long time ago, from the fresh graduated day and working in Saigon, lingzhi in my mind is a precious and expensive supplements. Every Lunar New Year or the time to visit my grandparents, I tried to buy lingzhi tea as gift to grandparents or parents (the imported products are sold in supermarkets). The feedback from the end-user that is “feeling well”, I was in love with it from this time!

Ganoderma lucidum has no curative effect, but many people have mistaken that it is the critical properties for ailments. Most lingzhi were sold in the market may have originated from Korea, China or Japan with the very very very spectacular and are priced quite high. I also have been vague on this information until it officially entered this field, since leaved Saigon, quit IT and came back to Mekong Delta.

But not a remedy but Ganoderma healing agent mediated positive influence on the body. There will be no exaggeration to say that fungus medicine also known as the “mushroom of longevity.” To help people learn more about this fungus, The Mushroom World will continue to update the article with relevant images, or you can look on the source from the internet. A fairly reliable link:

To check the effect of Ganoderma, my family is perfect, perhaps. My grandfather was paralyzed in half of body more than one year, my uncle faced the lung cancer in last stage, my mother was in surgery for gall stones and always had problems with blood pressure – blood fats – digestion, my father are also concerned with lung. Mr. Palmi is facing the prostate cancer …

The goal is not health / slow deterioration, sleep well, limiting pain and other diseases arise more. For myself, I look forward to beautiful skin and reduce hair loss.

I get 1kg of dried lingzhi mushroom farms in Cho Moi – An Giang, the owner has helped me to cut mushroom into smaller pieces to easily divided for daily using. With dried mushrooms, 1kg is pretty much. I shared them to my concerned people above with moderate dose to feel the effects of fungi. There are many ways to use this mushroom, my family used the simplest way is to keep a small fire to boil after 15 minutes (from 100oC ) for 10 slices in 1.5 liters of water. This kind of “tea” will taste bitter, so you may drink with honey or sugar candy or boiled with licorice. After the first cook, boil again twice, 3rd, … to drink until no bitter from the tea water.

My mother and others who are drinking this mushroom tea feel good and encourag to other to use it (that mean I have to work hard to buy this product for every day using!). My uncle then asked, “Can I eat them after last boilng (cooking)? If not, it’s very waste” – of course that is! There are many physical methods or drugs or food supplements on the global market to helps for better health, but I favor the use of lingzhi when it suits affordability, lifestyle and assurance of its origin.

Slices of lingzhi mushrooms – The Mushrooms World

By Sandy Nguyen (Các Thủy)

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