How to Make Reishi Tinctures With Vodka

Reishi mushrooms have been used for their health benefits for more than 2,000 years in China and Japan. In modern America, reishi tincture is utilized regularly in the realm of herbal medicine to treat cancer, asthma, AIDS/HIV and even diabetes. This powerful tincture sells on the market for roughly $25 per ounce. Tradition dictates that the best time to begin brewing this tincture is on the night of a new moon.


Things You’ll Need

  • 200 grams dried reishi mushrooms
  • 1 liter vodka
  • 3 1-liter canning jars
  • 2 paper bags
  • Cheesecloth
  • Labels
  • Marker
  1. Start the tincture on a new moon night, as the gravitational forces are believed to aid in the extraction from the mushrooms.

  2. Chop the dried mushrooms into fine pieces, or alternatively, place them in a coffee grinder to form a powder.

  3. Divide the mushrooms between two canning jars and add half a liter of vodka to each jar.

  4. Place the jars into paper bags and shake them daily for one month.

  5. Remove the tinctures from their bags. Place a piece of cheesecloth over the last canning jar and strain the tincture through the cloth and into the new jar.

  6. Label the new jar with the date and type of tincture. Tinctures will keep their potency for six months. At that point, discard the old tincture and make a fresh batch.

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