Fasting for health!

Today, vegetarianism is beyond the religious matters. Vegetarianism is becoming the culinary trend of modern life in developed countries. Everyone regardless of age or gender can eat vegetarian food as a method of disease prevention, body-shape keeping, long life and spiritual purity and peace.

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Sanghwang Mushroom

The Sanghwang Mushroom, also known as Huangshan (Sang Hwang), is named for the closely related species such as Phellinus linteus, P. igniarius, P. baumi, P.robustus and P. pini, etc. This fungus belongs to the genus of Phellinus and the familia of  Hymenochaetaceae. It is also known as Meshimakobu in Japan and the Sang Hwang in Korea.

Sangwang Mushroom

Sanghwang mushrooms look similar to Linhzhi (Reishi) mushrooms

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Boletus Quiche – pizza with mushrooms

Look to me this recipe long gone, but nobody panic, is in two versions. I’ve cooked several times and always, always wins.

The Boletus  have provided a very unique taste and appearance, as you can see, it’s fantastic and it has failed me a little picture. But the best part is that you get down to the ground, never better, and trial of this wonder.

Pizza with mushroom

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