Fasting for health!

Today, vegetarianism is beyond the religious matters. Vegetarianism is becoming the culinary trend of modern life in developed countries. Everyone regardless of age or gender can eat vegetarian food as a method of disease prevention, body-shape keeping, long life and spiritual purity and peace.

According to scientific researches, a vegetarian nutritious diet will help to prevent heart-related diseases (hypertension or coronary artery disease – vegetarians have low atherosclerosis index), diabetes type 2, osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer, obesity and kidney failure, etc. Vegetarian food contains less cholesterol, less fatty acids and many vitamins, which has antioxidant effects and helps improve health, fitness and skin beauty.
Vegetarian food is good for digestion because it contains much fiber, which helps digest easily, prevent constipation, have gently feeling for the body.
A vegetarian diet is as nutritious as a meat diet in case you eat it properly and scientifically. Nutrients that we have everyday are divided into following groups: carbohydrate (glucose), nitrogen (protein), fats (lipide), vitamins and minerals, salts and water. A vegetarian diet which is varied, balanced and enough nutritious v. is completely able to meet our body’s needs.
Communities consuming only vegetable food are always in good health and long life. The Hunza in Pakistan, the Kogi in Columbia, the Otmi tribe (Mexico) and certain aboriginal people in Asia and Africa always have very few or no sick people and many people there are over 100 years old but still healthy. In contrast, meat-eating ethnic communities or those who eat lots of meat always have high diseased rate (the Eskimos have life expectancy of 27.5 years old).
Men are considered the most intelligent and evolutional in animals, so it can be thought that they are creatures of the highest-class consumption in the food chain. Thus, the accumulation of toxic substances from food sources is very high. This is particularly dangerous for fetuses and children. That you eat vegan food would limit many diseases and toxins from infected meat.
Fasting is not only good for human health but also beneficial for human ecology, instantly contributing to a 80% reduction of global warming. Livestock farming must occupy 17 times of area as large as soybean farming and consume 8 times of the amount of water as much as soybean farming. Therefore, the price of animal proteins is 20 times as high as plant proteins. The quality of animal proteins is also not so good as vegetable
protein’s. Food consumption of rich countries is the basis cause of worldwide hunger, and 80-90% of grains in the U.S. are used to feed cattle for meat. Grains of the poor arefully being sucked to feed the cows of the rich.
When throwing away leftovers, think of those who are in hunger.

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