Successful cultivation in rare mushroom species in cat tien

Cat Tien National Park officially announced that the scientists successfully cultivated two precious and rare mushroom species, which are branched oyster mushrooms and white shiitake mushrooms.

White shiitake mushrooms. The photo is provided by Pham Ngoc Duong

White shiitake mushrooms, which have a scientific name being Lentinula platinedodes, were discovered when the scientists made surveys on large mushroom areas in Cat Tien National Park. The experts considered that this species has great significance for science. If being studied carefully, it may become a specific product of Vietnamese mushrooms.

According to Mr. Pham Ngoc Duong, a member of the research team, this is a precious mushroom species belonging to the family of shiitake mushrooms, which are only discovered and cultivated in cold climate regions. That they appear in the tropical climate region like Cat Tien National Park is a rare circumstance. Mr. Duong added “This opens up to research and cultivate the species of shiitake mushrooms which are able to restrain from heat and grow in hot climate regions”.

Lentinula platinedodes have been isolated, improved and cultivated in Cat Tien National Park. It showed that they have grown well.

In such survey, the scientists discovered and successfully cultivated branched oyster mushrooms whose scientific name is Pleurotus cornucopiae (Paul.ex.pes) Roll.

Branched oyster mushrooms. The photo is provided by Pham Ngoc Duong.

It is a precious mushroom species which has better taste than the other mushroom species. Branched oyster mushrooms are white and shallow funnel – shaped when being premature while they are oyster-shaped when being mature. The mushroom caps are smooth, premature,  flattened hemisphere – shaped. Then, they grow like deviating and shallow funnel. When getting mature, they gradually become flat.

According to Pham Ngoc Duong scientist, branched oyster mushrooms are popularly cultivated in some countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan. The French really love these mushrooms.

In Vietnam, branched oyster mushrooms are initially grown at Cat Tien National Park. The results showed that they have grown fast. The advantages of branched oyster mushrooms are to give such high yield and resist from wide range of temperature. Therefore, we can cultivate them throughout the year. Besides, these mushrooms have high nutritional value and delicious taste so they are easy to be accepted by the market. “Both of the mushrooms are almost not popular in Vietnam but they only appear in some countries in the world. The studies prove that mushroom resource for food of Vietnam is very abundant. Many species can be used as food and medicinal herb”, Duong said.

According to Mr. Duong, mushroom resource are not cared for research thoroughly. While Vietnam has been using foreign imported mushrooms to develop mushroom production industry. Therefore, studying the mushroom species originating from the nature in Vietnam is really essential in order to develop the sustainable mushroom production industry.

VnExpress – Translated by Hoang Oanh 




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