Bearded tooth mushrooms

While fresh bearded tooth mushrooms are sweet and fragrant in taste as being cooked, dried mushrooms have slight bitterness and latter sweetness which is used as a drink instead of tea. Dried bearded tooth mushrooms can be used with lingzhi mushrooms according to the ratio of 1:1 (5 grams of each type) to get a drink for treating gastric ulcers, poor digestion, anorexia, etc.

Scientific name of bearded tooth mushroom or monkey head mushroom is Hericium erinaceus. Its English common name is Monkey’s Head mushroom, Lion’s Mane mushroom, Houtou. In Japan, it is called Yamabushi-take. And, its Chinese name is Shishigashida.

Bearded tooth mushrooms is also called monkey head mushroom

The fruiting bodies of bearded tooth mushrooms are often sphere or ellipse – shaped. They grow individually or in clusters. They have clumps of white fur like monkey’s head. When getting old, they have long spines and turn yellow like lion’s mane.

When being premature, the fruiting body is white or ivory-white in color and its flesh is white. It turns yellow or dark yellow when being mature. Its antennas are 0.5 – 3 cm long spines. There are white clusters containing sphere – shaped basidiospore on the surface of its antennas. And, there is a round inner substance drop in the middle of spores.

According to the research in the world, bearded tooth mushrooms are beneficial for the patients who have Alzheimers’ disease, anti – aging and increasing the immune system, preventing from metastatic lung cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and skin cancers. The mushroom fibers and fruiting body extracted from hot water are basic substance included in sports drinks called Houtou, which are commonly used by Chinese athletes.

Due to being temperate, bearded tooth mushrooms are only grown in the cool climate regions. The appropriate temperature for these mushrooms to grow is 16-200C. The highest temperature is possible to grow these mushrooms is 19-220C. Currently, these mushrooms are mainly grown in China, Japan, Korea , etc.

Mushroom World (Translated by Hoang Oanh)

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