Fresh at heart with snow mushroom sweetsoup

In the hot summer days of July, it is not happier than eating a small bowl of fresh and cool snow mushroom sweetsoup.

You will need the following ingredients:

– 30 grams of snow mushrooms (or known as white fungus)

– 150 grams of rock sugar (or white sugar)

– 400 grams of pumpkins

Preparation steps:

Step 1:

– Clean the snow mushrooms, cut into small pieces and steep in water until soft.

Step 2:

– Peel the pumpkins, then cut into small pieces for easy use!

Step 3:

-Dissolve sugar in water, add the pumpkins and boil in 20 minutes, then add the snow mushrooms to cook in additional 5 minutes.

Is it so simple?

Cooling it before use

It is not compulsory to cook with pumpkins!


You also can cook with jujubes or arillus longanae!


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