Top 5 Most Popular Toxic Foods that rarely known

Here is the list of top 5 most popular toxic food that are still eaten and consumed almost every day by million of people in this plant. The food list starts from Cassava to apple. You might not know yet that Apple is toxic right.

1. Cassava

1 Cassava Top 5 Most Popular Toxic Foods that rarely known

Cassava contains Cyanide. Without proper cooking, Cassava can be a deadly menu. This woody shrub fruit can be found in Caribbean, South East Asia, some part of Africa, and South America. To reduce the cyanide compound people use to pound it, paste it, and then left in the shade it off for 5 hours

2. Pufferfish

2.pufferfish Top 5 Most Popular Toxic Foods that rarely known

Pufferfish is the 2nd most toxicant vertebrate in the world but, it is also often used as a main menu in Korea and Japan. The ovaries and the liver are extremely deadly. It can trigger numbness, muscle paralyzed, increased blood pressure, invaliding breathing.

Since view years ago, the emperor of Japan illegalizes pufferfish to be eaten

3. Mushrooms

3.Mushroom Top 5 Most Popular Toxic Foods that rarely known

In the world, there are 38,000 types of Mushrooms and 5 percent of them are poisonous. It is difficult to different which Mushrooms that is saved to be consumed and not. Generally, all mushrooms that are living in the wild are toxicant and should be avoided. If you pick wrong mushrooms, it will damage your liver less than 24 hours.

4. Cashews

4 cashew fruit Top 5 Most Popular Toxic Foods that rarely known

Most raw Cashews that are sold in store are already steamed. The store owner knows that raw Cashews (literally) can be poisoning the consumer. A cashew contains urushiol, a toxicant that lies inside poison ivy and Eating Cashews in large amount of quantity can cause death.

5. Chilies

chillies Top 5 Most Popular Toxic Foods that rarely known

Every Chili in the world is destined to carry capsaicin inside their skin. Capsaicin is a substance that causes spicy and burning sensation. View types of chilies have very strong capsaicin so that it is mixed into a paint stripper product and police pepper spray. The good side of chili, it contains high vitamin C compound (especially green chili).

Other toxic plants or fruits that contain toxicants are Potatoes, Almonds, Cherries, Apples and Tomatoes. Potato contains glycoalkaloid poison which can cause comma, the seeds of Almonds are full of cyanide, and a Cherry pip will produce hydrogen cyanide after it is chewed. The seeds of Apple contain Cyanide, and every fruit of tomato contains glycoalkaloid compound. Special for Tomato plant, the toxicant that can be found inside the leaves and stem of Tomato are strong enough to control pests.

Mushrooms World (Collected)

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