Linhzhi mushroom for skin beauty

Nowadays, many skin research institutes have confirmed that lingzhi mushrooms helps to rejuvenate skin, increase longevity of skin cells and make the skin whiter and smoother.

Lingzhi mushroom, a valuable medicine offerring many benefits, was once used by dynasties to keep healthy and enhance longevity.

Until the 16th century, lingzhi mushroom has been considered as a good herb. Protracted taking may make the body light without getting old, prolong life and make the skin pink and white.

Lingzhi mushrooms mediate all the functions in the body. Benefits given by lingzhi mushrooms are not just limited to one organ of the body but to the whole body and lingzhi mushrooms are such a good antioxidant.

Healthy skin with lingzhi mushrooms

Throughout the studies on natural compounds, the researchers of well-known cosmetics firms in USA, Japan, Korea, China, etc. and other oriental medicinal product firms have always been wishing to develop uses of lingzhi mushrooms in beauty care for women. Initial research focused on red lingzhi mushrooms. It was shown that red lingzhi was really helpful for skin. They took lingzhi compounds to make up tested cosmetics and as a result, it specially brought a good quality and improved the skin quite well.

Since then, many medicinal product firms have studied thoroughly on lingzhi mushrooms. Experts found that lingzhi mushrooms did not just include one kind and each kind has owned special properties. Eventually, black lingzhi and red lingzhi mushrooms have been included in premier skin care products for restoring skin vitality and rejuvenation.


Red lingzhi:

Growing on most of Chinese areas, it is considered as a king of all the kinds of lingzhi mushrooms. Red lingzhi compounds may effectively cure injured genes caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays and free radical, facilitate energy provision of the cells and stimulate cellular division. Owing to these properties, red lingzhi mushrooms are included in the best premier skin care products in Japan and Korea.

 Black lingzhi:

It is a really valuable kind growing only in the Southern China. The researchers found that black lingzhi mushroom may prevent telomere shortening in chromosome (a measurer of gene aging), which helps to prevent cells from aging. Properties of black lingzhi may cleanse the cells by restraining the accumulation of metabolism and activation of the cells. Thanks to these special properties, the researchers released premier skin care products, drugs and tea extracted from lingzhi which are recommended for use by many women all over the world.


Yellow lingzhi

With its high value, it helps anti-aging, anticancer, opposes to myasthenia gravis and harmful effects of the rays (those who are getting cancer radiation treatment may use lingzhi mushrooms to reduce harmful effects of the rays and lingzhi mushrooms helps to prevent cancer as well), brings antitoxic properties (helping to discharge the toxic substances and heavy metals from the body), defends against mental deficiency, stress, cholesterol levels reduction in blood, atherosclerosis and other side effects, mediates and regulates blood pressure for those who have high blood pressure, supports and increases the uses of medicines for treating diabetes mellitus and duodenal ulcer.

Apart from taking lingzhi pills, drinking tea and using food products extracted from lingzhi mushrooms, women can take care of their skin by themselves from 2 to 3 times every week as follows:

How to use lingzhis for skin beauty:


Alternative 1:

– 1 dry well-milled lingzhi mushroom (powder), take a spoon with small amount for each time using, the remaining is left in the bottle for next using.

– 1 egg yolk.

– 2 spoons of fresh orange juice.

Mix three above ingredients and make up face and neck masks for about 30 – 45 minutes for healthy skin and well-done antioxidant.


Alternative 2:

– 1 spoon of lingzhi powder.

– 1 coffee-spoon of queen honey milk

– Mix two above ingredients and make up lingzhi masks for about 30 minutes, which helps to reduce skin wrinkles and fades brown spots away.

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