Scam the patients by concluding “got cancers”

Visiting Maria Clinic, a private clinic belongs to Chinese, located at Thai Thinh Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi (Vietnam) to have intrauterine device placed, the patient was, however, diagnosed to have got genital warts and warned it would develop into cancer despite her normal health.


Being miserable because of “fake doctors”!

On the 28th of June, the inspectors of Hanoi Department of Health said to have received information about application for complaints and denouncements from the patients treated at Maria Clinic on Thai Thinh Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi and conducted a meeting to deal with such violations.

This is a case of a patient, who lives in Dong Da District, Ha Noi, reportedly visited Maria Clinic in April to have intrauterine device placed after watching advertisements on television.

She received treatment from a Chinese doctor through an interpreter. After performing a variety of tests such as tests of vaginal discharge, urine, ultrasounds, blood, etc., the doctor suggested that she should be treated without delay, otherwise it would rapidly lead to a cancer. However, she did not agree yet.

Until the evening, after coming home, she received a phone call from a person considered as a staff of Maria Clinic to consult and explain more about her situation. This staff added that “The doctor says you have got genital warts. In case of not being treated, such disease will infect on your husband and children”. Therefore, she agreed to receive treatment.

This patient stayed at this clinic for treatment in 4 days, spent nearly 24 million dong (about 1200 USD) and asked for treating in at least additional 15 days. Stopping the treatment due to lack of money, she went to a public hospital for re-examniation, where the doctors asserted that she had no gynecological diseases and her health was normal. Being too angry, she filed a complaint with Hanoi Department of Health.

The patient, N.M.H, said that she visited this clinic in the middle of December, 2011. She had to spend 3.7 million dong only on the first day. The doctors suggested that she should be treated in at least 5-7 days. Having asked everyone who were being treated at this clinic, she was told that they also spent 3 or more million dong every day. Thinking about lacking of money, then she arrived at a public hospital for examination and knew to be cheated because of not having got any diseases.

The patient B.T.T.H, who only had got vaginitis (at light level) but paid 300 thousand dong for ultrasounds at this clinic, was diagnosed to have cervical inflammation and asked to perform tests of fluid with the fee as of 800 thousand dong. After 2 minutes, the doctors said that she had bacteria disease, discharge, etc. and recommended her to be treated immediately or she would not likely to give birth, easily get miscarriage or still-born babies.

“They did not ask me whether I have given birth or abortion or not. Fortunately, I terminated being treated there soon when seeing the transfusion of fluid, tests of viba, infrared light and physical therapy from the list of treatment. Arriving in Hanoi Hospital of Pediatrics for testing, I was complained for my lack of knowledge. My disease is only treated with some tablets”. She angrily told.

Were such mistakes made by interpreters?

Discussing about the complaints of the patients at the meeting with the inspectors of Hanoi Department of Health, Ms. Pham Thi Minh Trang, a representative of Maria Clinic, said that it was possible that the doctors or interpreters did not explain in a clearly way, which make the patients worried and thought to be “threatened” as coming for the treatment. “The clinic would seriously be liable for this matter”. Ms. Trang said.

In addition, the Chinese doctor, who examined and treated the patient in Dong Da District and whose Vietnamese name was Loi Hong, has come back to his country on leave. Therefore, the authorized bodies may not conclude whether this doctor examined, treated and diagnosed in a right or wrong way.

The representative of Maria Clinic agreed to pay all the fees of nearly 24 million dong back for the patient mentioned above.

“Maria Clinic needs checking on management standards and responsibility assignment to its staff in a serious way”. said Nguyen Viet Cuong, chief inspector of the Hanoi Department of Health. “It is impossible that a staff or nurse is able to make a phone call to consult or explain about the situation of the patients on behalf of the doctors to offer the treatment”.

Maria Clinic was asked for working with the inspector of Hanoi Department of Health and required to regulate its operation due to its very expensive prices in 2011. In this year, this clinic was also fined by the inspectors of Department two times. First, it performed advertising excessively with its authorization and inaccurately with its lines of business. Second, it hired foreign doctors without work permits.

Using old tactics but cheating many people!

Whereas, this clinic continuously do advertising campains to attract customers.

CHEATFrom an advertisement posted on a big forum, Maria Clinic confidently confirmed that “At present, Maria Clinic is one of the clinics which commit with all the regulations, stipulations and management files in the strictest way among the system of private clinics in Hanoi”.

The iIlustrative picture

Ms. N.M.H said although this clinic used to be fined and had got “bad brand”, many people came there because not everyone might be able to read newspapers or surf on Internet. In addition, public hospitals are so crowded that local people had to choose such private clinics for examination.

“The Clinic explains that it discounts 1/3 of prices. In fact, it gives too expensive prices. The most terrible thing is that the doctors still threaten the patient to make them scared and treated there”. Ms. H angrily added.

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