Serving mushrooms at restaurant in Vietnam

Mushrooms have been widely known as a common and popular food due to their sweetness and easy serving. Thanks to ingenious and clever ability of chefs, there are plenty of delicious foods made from mushrooms and mushroom hotpot is one of the most popular choice for meals. Besides the restaurants which specialize in mushroom dishes, consumers can find mushroom hotpots in any menus of most of the vegetarian or non-vegetarian restaurants. Today, will introduce some tasty and famous mushroom restaurants for your reference. We hope you will find a favorite restaurant, have delicious meals as well as have fun with your family, friends and relatives.

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Duc Trong mushroom growers need technical support

More than 1,200 households at Block 6, Lien Nghia Town, Duc Trong have been growing wood ear mushrooms for over 10 years, which forms a region specializing in mushroom cultivation and creates main sources of income for local people. Even though mushroom growers really need technical support, local authority does not take them into care properly.  

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