Extraordinary taste with mushroom and chicken noodle soup at Model Thuy Hanh’s restaurant

The bowls of steamed noodle soup that attract guests due to their delicious taste mixed with various materials such as mushrooms, chicken, Vietnamese sausage, rice noodles, etc.

Located at Nguyen Van Dau Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, former model Thuy Hanh’s 2Ti restaurant has just opened for over a week but started becoming a familiar food & beverage location of many people thanks to delicious foods and extremely reasonable prices.

Chiken mushroom noodle soup by Thuy Hanh

However busy she is, Ms. Thuy Hanh spends time on making delicious foods for guests.

Talking about sudden becoming the restaurant owner, Thuy Hanh said: “The reason of this is simply because I love cooking. I really feel pleased and happy to see everyone enjoy the dishes made by myself. In addition, I have been dedicatedly supported by my husband (musician Minh Khang) so I decided to open this restaurant to satisfy my passion.”

Bún nấm gà là một biến tấu từ bún thang của người Hà Nội do chính tay cựu người mẫu chế biến.

Mushroom and chicken noodle soup, which is varied from “Ladder” soft noodle soup (Thang noodle soup) of Hanoi people, was made by herself.

The menu of this restaurant is quite various with many dishes such as fried noodles, steak, rib porridge, fruit juices, etc. However, the very popular dish which has strange taste is mushroom and chicken noodle soup. This is a variation from “Ladder” soft noodle soup of Hanoi (Bun Thang Hanoi) people which are made by the former model herself.

Một góc không gian của quán.

A small space in a corner of the restaurant.

When serving mushroom and chicken noodle soup, you can easily recognize the familiar ingredients of ladder soft noodle soup such as small rice noodle, shredded chicken, Vietnamese sausage, mushrooms, parsley, etc. Moreover, the mushroom and chicken noodle soup contains the ingredients like spring rolls, pork kidneys, rice noodle, etc. In addition to the diversity and attractive ingredients, the mushroom and chicken noodle soup attract the guests due to the delicious taste of broth. Stewing chicken and pork bones and always watch out the heat to remove the arising foam makes the broth have a slightly sweet taste and naturally specific characteristics.

Ngoài các thành phần quen thuộc của bún thang như gà xé sợi, nấm, giò lụa. Bún nấm gà còn có thêm các nguyên liệu khác như chả quế,



Apart from familiar ingredients like ladder soft noodle soup such as shredded chicken, mushrooms, spring rolls, the mushroom and chicken noodle soup contains other ingredients such as Vietnamese sausage, rice noodle and pork kidneys

The bowls of steamed mushroom and chicken noodle soup are given to the guests besides the plate of fresh raw vegetables, banana flowers and shredded ipomoea aquatica and  indispensable shrimp paste. The sweet taste of the broth is mixed with that of the shrimp paste make the dish more charming and rounded. Without this flavor seasoning, the dish will reduce its delicious taste.

Address: 2Ti Restaurant, 40B Nguyen Van Dau, Ward 5, Binh Thanh District, HCMC.

Opening hours: 7 – 22 every day.

Price of each bowl of mushroom and chicken noodle soup is 25,000 dong.

Translated by Hoang Oanh – According to Ngoisao

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