Benefits Of Phellinus Linteus


–         Phellinus linteus (also known as gold dum or Sanghwang) is considered as a valuable mushroom which grows in the trunks of murberry trees and helps to prevent and treat cancer, especially breast cancer, stomach cancer, etc.  after being early detected. It is very good for those who has heart disease, diabetic mellitus, hypertension, etc.

–         Phellinus linteus has been proved to have anti-tumor properties on skin, lung and prostate cancer cells. It is very valuable, rare and suitable for all ages without any side effects.

–         According to the analysis conducted by a group of researchers of Doctor Chihara at National Cancer Center Research Institute in Tokyo, Japan, they have studied the anti-tumor benefits of hot water extract from 27 kinds of mushroom since 1976.  It is showed that phellinus linteus helps to inhibit tumor growth at a rate of up to 96.7% compared to that of wood ear mushroom being 42.6%, champignon mushroom being 2.7%, ancient mushroom of phellinus linteus being 64.9%, etc.

–         A new study also shows that phellinus linteus has anti breast cancer property.


–         5 times a day with 100 cc for each time in the morning, afternoon, before sleep and getting up.

–         Phellinus linteus residue can be boiled with less water and used like tea.

1.      Cutting into small slices (this is the most common choice of most of the consumers)

–         Take 50 grams of phellinus linteus with 1.000 cc of water, boil the mixture about 2 – 3 minutes, then turn off the heat. Steeping within 5 minutes and simmerring for about 30 minutes until the mixture reduces to about 800 cc. This is the first water.

–         Boil for second and third water: After the first phase, take out the slices of phellinus linteus, cut into small pieces (about 1cm), then add water and boil them like the way of getting the first water. Combine all the boiled water including the first, second and third water to get the mixture of 2.400 cc. Then, pour into the jar and store it in the refrigerator.

How to use: 240cc 2-3 times a day, 80 – 120cc each time. 50 grams of phellinus linteus can be used for 10 persons. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the amount of phellinus linteus for extract.

After getting the third water, dry the phellinus linteus residue and boil for getting the fourth water or bathing, which is very good for your skin and hair.

By this method, phellinus linteus can be used in cooking chicken or beef soup.  With only 0.5 – 1 slice of phellinus linteus plus 10 grams of ginseng, 10 apples and 30 grams of lotuses, etc. , you will have a bowl of soup which has good, delicious, rather bitter in taste of phellinus linteus, good smell of arillus loganae, etc… It brings much nutritive value for elderly or treats asthenia effectively.

 2.      Powdering

–         Powdering(this methodis very difficult to do because phellinus linteus which has fiber shape may come out): take phellinus linteus powder to cook or extract like slices of mushrooms. In case of extracting like coffee, boil the water carefully. If the water is just rather hot like making tea, it is impossible to extract ganoderic acid from the fiber of mushroom.

–         Let the powder deposit, then decant it to get pure water and extract many times so that such water is not bitter any more. As mushroom residue is cenllulose, so you remove it.


–         You need to drink a lot of water when using this mushroom to release toxic materials in your body and it is best used in the morning when the stomach is empty.

–         Person, who is too sensitive to phellinus linteus, may get some symptoms such as feeling ingestible, dizzy or itchy on the skin during the first time of using. This situation happens because of strong reaction of the body when releasing the toxic materials in the body, which proves that the phellinus linteus has good effects. Such people will be fine later.

–         Phellinus linteus is a natural medicinal plant which is good for health and it is proved that there is no contraindication during 2000 years of researching. However, be careful for the patients who are getting organ transplant and using anti immune drugs. You should ask the doctor before using any supplementary medicinal herbs during the disease treatment.

* More information about Phellinus linteus of Master Co Duc Trong.

Translated by Hoang Oanh (The Mushrooms World)

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