Health and beauty with mushrooms

In so many kinds of food that nature has bestowed upon man, mushroom is one of the foods that are both rich in nutrients and able to treat and examine effectively. In addition to women, mushroom is also the wonderful food to help maintain health and beauty.

Learn and enjoy the dishes made ​​from mushrooms

Mushroom is classified into lower plant species, also known as vegetable sink. The fungal stem does not contain chlorophyll like other green plants, so they have to survive and thrive thanks to the organic matter available on the trunk of a tree. Mushroom is divided into two types: edible mushroom and toxic mushroom.

According to experience of the mushroom gourmets and the summary of research bases, toxic mushroom is usually colorful and has attractive fragrance. Edible mushroom is fungus that is cultivated, taken good care and ensured food safety and hygiene. The popular edible mushrooms sold in the market are Chinese black mushroom, straw mushroom and jelly-ear mushroom (also known as black mushroom).

Chinese black mushroom (also known as Shiitake or black forest mushroom) contains quite a lot of protein, minerals, vitamin B, C and substances such as calcium, acid nicotinic, aluminum, iron, magnesium, etc. There are about 30 enzymes and amino acids essential to the body in the components of Chinese black mushrooms. They are considered a dish and a precious remedy for people with anemia, hypertension and diabetes, or malnourished children, etc.

Straw mushroom is the fungus that has a cap is on its stem and was sprang up from stacks of rotten straw. Straw mushroom is used to make many nourishing, delicious and foods that are good for health such as straw mushroom fried with amaranth, eggs fried with straw mushroom, carp stewed with straw mushroom and dill, etc. Like jelly-ear mushroom, straw mushroom is also the dish which can help prevent cancer.

Jelly-ear mushroom (black mushroom) contains many proteins, minerals, vitamins, lecithin, cephalin and sphingomyelin. The iron content in this mushroom is higher than the one in the parsley and pork liver. It is usually used as food and drug preparation to treat people with bleeding, constipation, chronic gastritis and anemia. Besides, the mushroom is the food which helps prevent blood clotting caused by thrombosis, anti-bacterial and anti-radiation and inhibit certain strains of cancer cells from growing.

Edible mushroom whose main ingredient is water contains low calorie, which is suited for women in their period of going on a diet or losing weight. Particularly, in edible mushrooms there is an antioxidant matter called L-ergothionrine which is found only in fungi and does not lost during processing mushroom.

Many biological studies also shows that the fungus contain many immune agents to help prevent breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. The components of mushroom also have high content of potassium which potentially prevents hypertension which is very dangerous for people.

Notice when eating mushrooms:

– Do not eat colorful and fragrant mushrooms as they are features commonly found in toxic mushrooms.

– Do not eat young wild mushrooms to avoid misusing poisonous ones.

– Do not eat the fungus which, when cut, from the cut leaks a white matter like milk.

– Do not eat too old mushrooms.

– Do not eat unidentified mushrooms.

– Should buy mushrooms in places specialized in processing or trading or eat self-planted mushrooms.

Translated by Nguyen Nhi – The Mushrooms World (Source:

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