How to use it?

Used like tea: This is the simplest using/extract. Steep ~10 grams of Lingzhi slices in hot water in a tight container about 30 minutes, then use this liquid as tea during the day. Steeping them some more times, until the bitter end.

Boiled with water: cut mushrooms into slices of 1 gram (or as small as possible); for each time, boil 6-10 grams of them in 1-1.8 liters of water, keep them in 1000C about 15 minutes, let this extract water be cool to drink. Boil them again to drink until the bitter end.

 Or: Get 4-12 grams of mushroom which are cut into thin slices, plus three bowls of clean water in high heat until they boil, then simmer in low heat until the liquid condenses into a bowl of water. Extract water separately. Add water into the remaining residue and cook for two more times. Then mix the three bowls that was extracted and devide the mixture into three doses to drink every day.

 Create lingzhi tincture : for mushrooms with caps, cut them into small slices and then soak them (200gr) in a jar with 1 liter of strong liquors of 80-100 groof (40-50%). Put it in cool and dark place. Shake this jar every day. The tincture can be used after 25 days of being soaked. Drink 2 times a day with a small cup for each time.

 Powdered to drink directly: Use a mill to grind mushroom to fine powder. Put about 3 grams of powder into a cup, steep them in boiling water in 5 minutes (like tea), then drink the liquid together with the residue. That Lingzhi residue is insoluble will make you uncomfortable when drinking; however, this is also the best use of Lingzhi as recommended by scientists.


  • Lingzhi residue can be dried and then re-boiled with water for bathing, which is very good for skin and hair.
  • Can be used with honey or boiled with Chinese apple to reduce the natural bitterness of the fungus.
  • Lingzhi is best used in the morning when the stomach is empty. After taking the Lingzhi, the body will need much water to help release toxins.
  • Vitamin C is also advisable to use together with Lingzhi as it helps for the body’s absorption better.

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